Sunday, October 29, 2006

Running The Sahara- We're Off!

Well, it's time.

Kevin, Charlie and I leave tomorrow for Dakar where we will commence our run! We will attempt to run 80 kms per day for roughly 90 days- that's over 6500 kms- through 6 countries-spanning the Sahara Desert.

To follow us-

I will try to stay in touch with blogs, so keep reading!

I will miss all of you!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Hey Gang!

It’s almost time to go! I can hardly believe it! This week-end I will be leaving to do something very special with friends who are very special to me! Kevin Lin, Charlie Engle and I will attempt to run over 6500 kms across the Sahara commencing in just a few days. In this incredible expedition we will run an average of 80 kms every day for 80 days straight. This IS NOT a relay. We will be running every mile- every inch together! The journey will take us through 6 countries and 9 ecosystems along the way and will no doubt be an insane experience! Sand dunes, sand storms, mountains, vast valleys, extreme temperatures...all the stuff Charlie, Kev and I love. This will be the Ultra of Ultra runs for us! Interacting and meeting with the people of the desert will no doubt be a highlight of our expedition.

Up to date tracking of our expedition can be seen at www.runningthesahara.com. Check back on this blog on a regular basis as well. I’ll be sending updates home on as regular a basis as the desert will allow!

As you can imagine I’ve been very busy training these last few months, running 4 to 5 hours a day! I’m tapering now but am busy getting all my gear and food ready. I have a couple of mountains of food ready to go. Dehydrated, pre-packaged, bars, bags...it's all there!

This will probably be the last post before I leave so let me take the opportunity to say a big huge THANK-YOU to everyone for all the support and encouragement, couldn’t do it without you!!

Stay tuned! Posts from the desert to come!