Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer 2011 Newsletter!

Death Valley

Last January when i started running the length of the Atacama Desert something almost stopped me in my tracks on the first day. The heat! Of course as many of you know -i do love the heat- but it can be a killer. When i started competing in ultra marathons in 2004 up until the time Kevin, Charlie and I left to run 7,500 km across the Sahara in November 2006 i always seemed to perform and have my best results in desert races....but there is something to be said about training and prepping for the heat. Not sure if you followed the Atacama Extreme expedition, but by day 15 i was seeing temps into the high 40’s and a high off 55 celsius!!! I promise you, that is hot!

In January 2012, if all goes to plan i will attempt to run the width of Saudi Arabia through the Rub Khali (Empty Quarter), a distance of 2,000 or so km. My back up plan is the Kalahari. Both hot, both requiring the best possible preparation.

An opportunity presented itself that i just couldn’t pass up. My buddy Will Laughlin had decided he was going to attempt a crossing of Death Valley in 3 or 4 days at the end of August. All off road, in the heat! He invited me to join him, and i accepted his invitation.

Will has done some amazing things- and i have been fortunate and honored to prepare his training programs for many of his adventures. He has run over 300km non-stop- running a relay race in Colorado...solo. He has won the Yukon Arctic Ultra and is the first person to run the entire La Ruta de Los Conquistadores mountain bike course in Costa Rica. His plan of running off-road north/south Death Valley will be incredibly difficult- but we’ll give it the best effort possible! Of course its going to be hot. Really hot. Here’s to hoping it provides a benefit to my prep for Saudi!!!! Stay tuned...

Expedition India

The Youth Ambassadors have been selected for the upcoming i2P India Youth Expedition...and everyone at Team impossible2Possible is pumped!!! The Education Team has been working around the clock to create the best Experiential Learning program possible for schools all over the world to participate in. The expedition takes place October 2-15, and schools have been registering from all over to participate. Remember, all of the programs are free- including the Youth Ambassador’s expenses. So register your school today at http://i2p.force.com/IndiaSchoolRegistration !

I just recently spoke in Arizona at the Apple Distinguished Educators Conference (btw i was accompanied by AmazonYouth Ambassador Sierra Smith), and i can tell you these amazing educators from across North America are totally pumped to be participating in the India Expedition, and the topic of the education program- World Health. Check it out at : http://impossible2possible.com/i2p

The Coolest Running Clothing in the World (we think so!)

i2P has recently announced a complete line of custom running gear- from shorts to arm warmers to tees to jackets. You have until first week August to get your order in, check out the catalog here! http://impossible2possible.com/i2p

Best part- proceeds go to supporting and funding Youth Expeditions!!!! So not only will you look cool representing- you will also be inspiring. Not only us- but the Youth Ambassadors you are supporting! Thank You (in advance!) for your support...and for being a member of Team i2P!!!

Catch you soon and enjoy your summer!!!