Thursday, August 09, 2007

Canada Challenge and Other News !!!

Hey Gang !
Back on board after a crazy summer of speaking, running and planning !
Planning what ? The Canada Challenge ! Please check out my website for more info- you'll see the link on the front page.

My goal is to run 3 very extreme coastal trails in Canada- one right after the other. All in an effort to raise awareness for initiatives I totally am down with. Check the "awareness" section of my website. The trails are 1000's of km's apart, and will be super tough running combined with insane logisitics. I start in canada's North on Baffin Island, then Newfoundland and finally British Columbia. I have incredible people helping in the planning- and without their expertise i don't think i could even be half as prepared !

Mike Kenney of Matrix Helicopters in North west Territories has been an incredible expediton advisor- helping to co-ordinate the complex logistics of the Baffin and Newfoundland sections of this "race against time".

More to come on the interesting stories of people, training and logistics involved in this expedition. By the way...we leave this August 21st 2007 !

Media so far has been awesome- and the story has appeared in newspapers across the country !

Clients have also had amazing spring/summer events. Please check my website for details under "client news".

Talk soon- I am off to salt Lake City with Charlie.