Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring 2009 !!!

Hey Everybody !
I know, i know....my blogs are few and far between !!! Thats because i have been out on the road visiting schools and incredible young people who followed along with our South Pole Quest expedition !!!
Its been a very busy spring so far- Running The Sahara has been released in theatres at charitable screenings and is now on dvd and download...also had a very busy season speaking at events like TED and IOC World Conference ! I must say i was very honored to speak at these events...

I am busy planning the next series of expeditions- and have still been doing lots of interesting work with great organizations such as the Ryan's Well Foundation. Impossible2Possible continues to develop- i am so excited about the work we are doing.

I now have a facebook page- please go there ...i promise i update it more then this page !
I am also considering this Twitter thing....
Anyhow- hope you are all living your dreams and having a great spring. Kath and Mia Sahara say hi !!!