Monday, August 31, 2009

August Update !

impossible2Possible World Expedition: Stage 1 Baffin Island

Here we go !!!
Starting next Tuesday, September 1st five incredible Youth Adventurers will set out for Canada's Arctic in an attempt to 
cross the Akshayuk Pass on Baffin Island- and trek all the way back to Pangnirtung ! I will join them, along with familiar names like Marshall Ulrich, Tessum Weber,
i2P's own Bob Cox, and my wife Kath ! Dr. Ewan Affleck and his Educational Team have once again created a series of relevant and exciting Educational Modules
which will be made available to all who visit the www.impossible2possible.com/world website ! As with the South Pole Quest, daily blogs, photos and live tracking
will be broadcast to the World through the live website. This time, select students from the over 5000 in schools across North America have teamed with us to ask questions, 
and have those questions answered through voice files daily on www.impossible2possible.com/world
Our Youth Adventurers are excited and a little nervous- this isn't a field trip- but a full-on expedition ! They will carry all of their food and supplies and gear for this arduous trek. Best of
all they get to share their experiences, what they learn (not only about themselves, but about the incredible culture of the North), and speak to thousands of youth daily through their blogs, etc
on the live website. Glacial moraine, scores of icy cold river crossings, lots of bog- and some of the most stunning scenery on Earth ! Here we go! 
Join us in this first leg of the i2P World Expedition series ! The second expedition is slated for January 2010, school and Youth Adventurer registration
will be announced end of September. Future expedition stages to be announced soon. Our generous sponsors have made this expedition possible- with no cost whatsoever to school
and Youth Adventurers. Please visit the Sponsor page at www.impossible2possible.com/world

Here They Go Again !

More expedition news- Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement from Ray and South Pole Quest teammate and buddy Kevin Vallely as they will soon announce a unique and very exciting
expedition they are planning for May 2010. As soon as the deets get hammered out- you will be the first to know ! Of course there will be once again links to thousands of students and classrooms !

Desert Camp with The Man !

I've joined with ultra running legend Marshall Ulrich to host the Dreams in Action Running Camp, Death Valley, October 14-18, 2009 !    At this camp you will learn how to improve your running for all kinds of races, including road, desert, stage, mountain, and trail races!  We welcome all runners, whether you have just started running or if you are an experienced ultra runner, this camp will teach you what you need to know! For more info go to http://www.marshallulrich.com/trainer.htm Special guest instructors will include Bart Yasso- Author of My Life On The Run (and an all around running guru), Danny Dreyer- author of  Chi Running, Andrew Skurka- Nat Geo Adventurer of the Year....and of course Marshal Ulrich- The Man ! I will be there too instructing...i promise not to make you run across the Sahara or drag a sled to the South Pole if you promise to come ! Hope to see you there !

Well, thats it- but there is alot of news- thank you once again for taking the time to read my newsletter- and remember to stay in touch, i love receiving your emails- and please keep the good

vibes coming...i truly appreciate it !

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mid July Update !

Hey Everybody !

Okay- no doubt the weather has started out a bit crazy this summer- but that just makes running more interesting, right ? !!! 

Montreal2Ottawa In One Go !!! 

So – lots of cool stuff happening and about to happen….but before you read any further- please, please, please join me on facebook and twitter (rayzahab) ! Why ?

Well- I am glad you asked !  impossible2Possible will be utilizing a new tracking map for this September’s upcoming Baffin Island Youth expedition- which will feature Facebook and other social media updates ! Not only that- as part of my training for this upcoming expedition I will attempt to run from Montreal to Ottawa on August 15th !

All of my live updates will be through Twitter and Facebook- so we need you and your family and friends to join me ! I will update through the entire 200ish km run!

I hope to be joined at various points by my many friends out there…we will announce on both the impossible2possible facebook page and my personal page the details soon. So tie up your laces ! 

Impossible2Possible Update 

This Baffin Island expedition will once again feature live website (a la South Pole Quest), educational modules and student interaction ! We have thousands of students joining us online for the adventure- and 5 incredible young adventurers from all over North America (deets at impossible2possible.com) will “peer to peer” share their experiences with students and classrooms across North America !

The live website will launch early August- and will start with our Youth Ambassadors blogging about their prep. Then- in the first week of September we will start or crossing of the Akshayuk Pass on Baffin. This will not only be a grueling adventure in a remote and beautiful part of the world- but as with all of our expeditions there will be a multitude of lessons learned and shared. Youth Ambassadors will also be photographing glaciers and comparing changes from archived photos. The incredible culture of the North will be a major highlight- and i2P has several surprise guests for the educational modules – from scientists to Inuit  legends. Schools are invited to join us by signing up on impossible2possible.com- everything is free ! We hope you will join us by following too ! More to come soon! 

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

impossible2Possible Expedition and More !!!

impossible2Possible Expedition !

Hey Everybody !
I hope you are all enjoying the spring- and are getting out into the great outdoors for great adventure !
impossble2Possible is announcing an new expedition series that will kick off this in September this year
on Baffin Island. Details are on the impossible2Possible website. As with South Pole Quest, we will be connecting to
students and schools with a live and interactive website which will also feature a comprehensive educational resource.
Everything is free, and we are once again asking teachers and schools to join us by registering on the impossible2Possible
website. One of the most interesting components of this next adventure is that 4 young adventurers- fit and ready- will join
the i2P team ! These youth adventurers will lead the blogging and communications to our partner schools...exciting !
Please ask your local schools to sign up for the web resource- and contact us if there are any questions !
There is also a sign up section for those young adventurers you know who are wishing to apply. Its Free !

Running The Sahara Special Screening

Yay ! Running The Sahara is coming to Ottawa- on June 9th ! Mark your calendars. At 6:30 pm Starcite Theater in Hull, Quebec
Running The Sahara will be screened in support of Ryans Well Foundation. All of the proceeds from sales of the tickets
will go to this awesome organization which provides clean water to developing countries. Please contact my wife Kathy for


The most common question i am asked these days by my clients is: "What should i eat following my long run....i am never hungry !"
My answer ? Here's a shake rcipe that i have found works great if i am rushed- or am not in the mood for "solid" food..
1 scoop vanilla whey protein, 1/2 cup frozen berries, 1 handful spinach (yes, spinach), 1/2 cup yogurt, 1 teaspoon flax oil and water to desired consistency. 
Blend like crazy...and drink !
Another common question..."Should i stretch before or after my run ?" Answer: After. I have found stretching at the end of a long run improves recovery 
time, reduces injury- and is much safer as tissues are warmed up.

Okay- More coming soon.....

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring 2009 !!!

Hey Everybody !
I know, i know....my blogs are few and far between !!! Thats because i have been out on the road visiting schools and incredible young people who followed along with our South Pole Quest expedition !!!
Its been a very busy spring so far- Running The Sahara has been released in theatres at charitable screenings and is now on dvd and download...also had a very busy season speaking at events like TED and IOC World Conference ! I must say i was very honored to speak at these events...

I am busy planning the next series of expeditions- and have still been doing lots of interesting work with great organizations such as the Ryan's Well Foundation. Impossible2Possible continues to develop- i am so excited about the work we are doing.

I now have a facebook page- please go there ...i promise i update it more then this page !
I am also considering this Twitter thing....
Anyhow- hope you are all living your dreams and having a great spring. Kath and Mia Sahara say hi !!!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

South Pole Quest and Other Cool Stuff !

hey gang !
as per usual, my posts on my blogs are sporadic at best !!!
please, please, please go to www.southpolequest.com for details on our south pole expedition which we completed one month ago !
what an incredible experience ! so many young people and students from around the world joined our team and participated through this live website ...

i just got back from speaking at TED conference in california. once again- an incredible experience !

we have lots planned in the coming year with impossible2possible- so stay tuned. we will be updating our website as well this coming weekend.

thank you so much for all of your encouragement through email, facebook, your calls and mail.

cheers !