Thursday, June 10, 2010

Flirtin' With Disaster !

I am asked so often what music i listen to on a run....the answer everything and it changes !!! All the time !

Today and lately i have been listening alot to 70’s rock. My tunes of choice...so many. One has really got me running. Flirtin’ With Disaster by Molly Hatchet. Crazy Southern rock band aka Lynyrd Skynyrd and Allman’s. Great running tune ! And really, when have we as runners not “flirted with disaster” at some point ? I know i have !

Especially on those long runs. I remember specific moments in my running when those thoughts of “collapse in a heap” have entered my mind. Will i get there, finish or will it be the end of my run right now ? I mean...can i go on ?

If i am honest, my body may say no- but my heart says yes. So on we go- at least until these legs won’t go one-two anymore.

Just recently i had the honor of meeting some folks training for their first 5km race. Goal- finish. Result- they did.

But i couldn’t help but remember that day Charlie, Kevin and I reached the Red Sea. Tears in our eyes, fatigue in our bodies. 111 days of sand in our hair...and shorts !

i remember thinking that this felt as difficult as that first 7 km ‘real’ run i did with my buddy Pat in 03.

We all, and that is whether we are running 5 kms or 7500 kms reach a point when we think we might quit. We do flirt with that line of not going back, of continuing when our bodies say no, and our hearts say yes. Thats the magic. That what makes us put one foot in front of the other. That’s skirting disaster by a hair.