Tuesday, November 28, 2006

2000 km's down!

A message from John, Ray's brother:

Ray called from satellite phone yesterday, from the Sahara Desert. They have arrived in Mali, and have put down around 2000km of running so far. The first big chunk of mileage had to be done on roads, but recently they have been able to get more off-road, which has been a relief, but it also has its challenges (sand in shoes, etc.). Everyday is physically and mentally tough – but the team is doing amazing at keeping pace of between 70 and 80k per day. The official website www.runningthesahara.com has some updated photos on the photo gallery link, and Ray anticipates that the website will be further updated on December 4th. A notable highlight for Ray and his teammates was when Matt Damon called them the other day – to check on how they were doing.

I would also like to extend my congratulations to Kathy Adams, Ray’s wife, who just completed her first Ultramarathon – the JFK 50 Miler in Maryland. Kathy finished 2nd in her age group, and 195th overall. Joining Kathy was Ray’s good friend Brian Henderson, who finished an amazing 69th overall out of a total of 1017 runners. Both Kathy and Brian enjoyed training under the guidance of Ray’s coaching.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Another message from Ray!

Hi everyone!

Here's another message from Ray! He is indeed reading your emails as time allows and wanted to pass on his thanks for all your support! If you need to get in touch on any speaking engagement, ball class, or coaching questions please contact me at jenny@rayzahab.com or reply to this email. Hope you all are doing very well!

Holding the fort down @ "Team Ray" HQ,

From Ray:

Hey Gang!

Well, we are now up to 1000kms of running - averaging 70-75kms per day. We have taken no rest days - and it has been very tough but rewarding. It is so cool running through these small towns and having sometimes up to 100 kids at a time chasing us, laughing and singing as they run with us! Awesome.

The heat has been intense, and the terrain the last few days mostly road. We have run in sand a lot, but due to these crazy sandspurs and necessity to cover a lot of ground quickly we are on the road! It sure is tough running 70-75kms per day on the road. I have never been a road runner - and this is tough. I will be happy to get back onto trails as we near Mali.

Our support has been incredible - with Don and Mohammed selecting routes - the doc and Chuck taking care of us with all other aspects.

Talk soon!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Greetings from Mauritania!!

Hey Gang!

We are here now in Mauritania after running through a small part of Senagal!

We have so far run over 500 kms with daily runs in the 70 km range. The running has definitely been tough, but rewarding. It is super hot- sometimes reaching the high 40's. We have been shooting for around 50 kms in the morning- and then another 20 to 25 after lunch.

We have seen many cool things already- such as camels, small desert towns, scorpions, and even a camel spider!

The people out here are amazing as usual- and the terrain as well, incredible.
Sandy trak for the most part so far- and sandy valleys a plenty!

We are now heading for the border of Mali! I will keep you updated. Mauritania is our biggest country to run across- so getting to Mali is a huge goal.