Monday, January 04, 2010

2010 Siberian Express For Water !

Impossible2Possible H20 Initiative !

I hope everyone had awesome holidays !!! Roughly 60 days from now Kevin Vallely and I will be running 60-70 kms per day across Lake Baikal….unsupported ! We will drag everything we need for the entire expedition in specially made sleds- that includes nearly 100 pounds of food, sleeping gear, camera equipment Iridium and our BGAN. Important equipment to have- as our goal is not to cross the world’s largest (by volume) fresh water lake a small team- We actually will be a team of thousands as students from Europe, US and Canada join us tracking our daily progress, communicate with us as we stream live video into classrooms, and speak with us via our Iridiums! We will also post daily blogs and film high definition footage and photos that will be made available to students for their own projects.

Training has been going well- i am convincing myself I love the cold…it seemed to work last year on the way to the South Pole ! The website for Siberian Express launches January 11. You will be able to access it from www.impossible2possible.com at that time…

Education, Inspiration,…Action !

As we travel to the Arctic to train and prepare (Yellowknife on January 11-13 and Pangnirtung Jan 29-30), students will share in the prep for the Siberia Expedition (which takes place March 1-11). The Experiential Learning program will commence at the same time- our team lead by Dr. Ewan Affleck has been busy preparing the best Educational Modules we have made to date- and will encompass the topic of this expedition…water ! Students and schools will also combine forces to raise the resources needed for a well project and rainwater collection project in Africa based on everything they learn about this precious of all resources! Our partners for these projects will be the Ryans Well Foundation and Giving Water.Org. Great organizations with great people.

Part 2

Siberian Express for Water is the first of two expeditions in our 2010 H20 initiative. The second is our next Youth Expedition. Running Tunisia will take place this April as 5 Youth Ambassadors attempt an epic run across Tunisia…in their own version of Running The Sahara ! More details on this later- I hope you will join us for these two expeditions ! We are still accepting applications for Youth Ambassadors- details are on the impossible2Possible.com website ! Schools are still able to sign up as well to communicate with us, learn about water…and make a difference ! Everything is free of charge. Thank you all once again for reading along and for your emails. Next newsletter soon ! Keep running !!!