Monday, August 31, 2009

August Update !

impossible2Possible World Expedition: Stage 1 Baffin Island

Here we go !!!
Starting next Tuesday, September 1st five incredible Youth Adventurers will set out for Canada's Arctic in an attempt to 
cross the Akshayuk Pass on Baffin Island- and trek all the way back to Pangnirtung ! I will join them, along with familiar names like Marshall Ulrich, Tessum Weber,
i2P's own Bob Cox, and my wife Kath ! Dr. Ewan Affleck and his Educational Team have once again created a series of relevant and exciting Educational Modules
which will be made available to all who visit the www.impossible2possible.com/world website ! As with the South Pole Quest, daily blogs, photos and live tracking
will be broadcast to the World through the live website. This time, select students from the over 5000 in schools across North America have teamed with us to ask questions, 
and have those questions answered through voice files daily on www.impossible2possible.com/world
Our Youth Adventurers are excited and a little nervous- this isn't a field trip- but a full-on expedition ! They will carry all of their food and supplies and gear for this arduous trek. Best of
all they get to share their experiences, what they learn (not only about themselves, but about the incredible culture of the North), and speak to thousands of youth daily through their blogs, etc
on the live website. Glacial moraine, scores of icy cold river crossings, lots of bog- and some of the most stunning scenery on Earth ! Here we go! 
Join us in this first leg of the i2P World Expedition series ! The second expedition is slated for January 2010, school and Youth Adventurer registration
will be announced end of September. Future expedition stages to be announced soon. Our generous sponsors have made this expedition possible- with no cost whatsoever to school
and Youth Adventurers. Please visit the Sponsor page at www.impossible2possible.com/world

Here They Go Again !

More expedition news- Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement from Ray and South Pole Quest teammate and buddy Kevin Vallely as they will soon announce a unique and very exciting
expedition they are planning for May 2010. As soon as the deets get hammered out- you will be the first to know ! Of course there will be once again links to thousands of students and classrooms !

Desert Camp with The Man !

I've joined with ultra running legend Marshall Ulrich to host the Dreams in Action Running Camp, Death Valley, October 14-18, 2009 !    At this camp you will learn how to improve your running for all kinds of races, including road, desert, stage, mountain, and trail races!  We welcome all runners, whether you have just started running or if you are an experienced ultra runner, this camp will teach you what you need to know! For more info go to http://www.marshallulrich.com/trainer.htm Special guest instructors will include Bart Yasso- Author of My Life On The Run (and an all around running guru), Danny Dreyer- author of  Chi Running, Andrew Skurka- Nat Geo Adventurer of the Year....and of course Marshal Ulrich- The Man ! I will be there too instructing...i promise not to make you run across the Sahara or drag a sled to the South Pole if you promise to come ! Hope to see you there !

Well, thats it- but there is alot of news- thank you once again for taking the time to read my newsletter- and remember to stay in touch, i love receiving your emails- and please keep the good

vibes coming...i truly appreciate it !