Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Gobi March - Ray Zahab's Team is in 1st Place!!

Ray's team Chunghwua Telecom/Mago is in 1st place after Stage 2! Ray called on Monday night via satellite phone to say that the team is doing awesome!

It's hot during the day and the terrain is tough, especially the salt flats....your feet sink with every step! There are a couple of photos of Ray's Team on the race website. Cut and paste this website to your internet browser to check them out!! http://www.racingtheplanet.com/gobimarch/live/2006/index.asp

I'll continue to update as the race contiues!


Saturday, May 20, 2006

Gobi Race Prep !

Well, only a few days away... and I of course am crazy at it glueing shoes, weighing gear, trimming to make things extra light.
My taper started this past week...so I have not been running as much. I've got all of my food choices packed (mainly a combination of gels, dehydrated food, electrolyte powder and bars). I like to take extra food so I don't go hungry, and I am willing to carry extra weight as a result. I have around 17 500 calories on board-about 500 more than I took to Sahara Race last October.

My gator system is ready to go too, and we glued the silk to my shoes today. I got the sewing shop in Ottawa to whip up a pair of the gators that I use for Charlie as well.

More to come tomorrow !

Everest Summit !!!!!!!

Congrats to my client and friend JF Carrey for summiting Everest this past week. He is the youngest Canadian ever to do so, and at 24 made it on his first attempt !!! Yay JF !!!