Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mid July Update !

Hey Everybody !

Okay- no doubt the weather has started out a bit crazy this summer- but that just makes running more interesting, right ? !!! 

Montreal2Ottawa In One Go !!! 

So – lots of cool stuff happening and about to happen….but before you read any further- please, please, please join me on facebook and twitter (rayzahab) ! Why ?

Well- I am glad you asked !  impossible2Possible will be utilizing a new tracking map for this September’s upcoming Baffin Island Youth expedition- which will feature Facebook and other social media updates ! Not only that- as part of my training for this upcoming expedition I will attempt to run from Montreal to Ottawa on August 15th !

All of my live updates will be through Twitter and Facebook- so we need you and your family and friends to join me ! I will update through the entire 200ish km run!

I hope to be joined at various points by my many friends out there…we will announce on both the impossible2possible facebook page and my personal page the details soon. So tie up your laces ! 

Impossible2Possible Update 

This Baffin Island expedition will once again feature live website (a la South Pole Quest), educational modules and student interaction ! We have thousands of students joining us online for the adventure- and 5 incredible young adventurers from all over North America (deets at impossible2possible.com) will “peer to peer” share their experiences with students and classrooms across North America !

The live website will launch early August- and will start with our Youth Ambassadors blogging about their prep. Then- in the first week of September we will start or crossing of the Akshayuk Pass on Baffin. This will not only be a grueling adventure in a remote and beautiful part of the world- but as with all of our expeditions there will be a multitude of lessons learned and shared. Youth Ambassadors will also be photographing glaciers and comparing changes from archived photos. The incredible culture of the North will be a major highlight- and i2P has several surprise guests for the educational modules – from scientists to Inuit  legends. Schools are invited to join us by signing up on impossible2possible.com- everything is free ! We hope you will join us by following too ! More to come soon!