Friday, April 21, 2006

Miles !!!!!!!!!!!

I am asked quite often- how do you run that many miles? What do you eat ? Are you insane ?

Conditioning your body to ultra races requires a good training program and lots of rest !!!
Actually, the rest is of extreme imortance.
After I do a long run on the weekend I follow a regular protocal. First I run 40 or 50 k on trail with my race gear, then immediately following my run I eat a higher glycemic carb so that I can start my recovery for tomorrows run ! That means I usually take a gel while I am cruising back to my place. Then its stretching for 10 minutes and then I have a shake which is a mix of protein, omega fats , greens and l-glutamine.

After that I sometimes ice my legs and then get in a hot shower. Then it's nappy time for 30 minutes or so.

When nap time is done I then eat, eat, eat !

So, it sounds like alot of stuff to do- but it works for me !
Let me know what you do !

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