Saturday, May 20, 2006

Gobi Race Prep !

Well, only a few days away... and I of course am crazy at it glueing shoes, weighing gear, trimming to make things extra light.
My taper started this past week...so I have not been running as much. I've got all of my food choices packed (mainly a combination of gels, dehydrated food, electrolyte powder and bars). I like to take extra food so I don't go hungry, and I am willing to carry extra weight as a result. I have around 17 500 calories on board-about 500 more than I took to Sahara Race last October.

My gator system is ready to go too, and we glued the silk to my shoes today. I got the sewing shop in Ottawa to whip up a pair of the gators that I use for Charlie as well.

More to come tomorrow !

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