Saturday, December 16, 2006

Another day, another 80k!

With lots of communication from Ray over the past week, thanks to the good old satellite phone, we have lots of info for you!

The team is now consistently running down 70 to 80 km’s a day, still without a single rest day. By the time you read this the team will have passed over the Niger border, leaving Mali behind and pressing on toward the half way mark. In recent days they have mostly been on sand and at times it’s been very deep. Despite the associated challenges it’s been invigorating for Ray to be in his element. The hundreds of kilometers on the Trans Sahara highway were tough.

In his last conversation with his brother John, Ray talked about coming across a strange kind of grass that has tiny needle like barbs that work their way through the runners’ shoes. When they stop to take their shoes off they are stuck to their feet by thousands of these needles.

While talking to Ray this week, it’s obvious the team is keeping positive and is becoming more energized as they go. As Kathy said after her last talk with Ray, he sounds normal, just like himself. It’s rather hard to tell he’s running 80K a day. The team is excited to be on tract (a little ahead of schedule even) and nearing the half way mark which falls in the middle of Niger. Ray is thrilled to have Niger, Libya and Egypt ahead, all countries he's run across before. He's happy to be in a part of the world he’s so passionate about, and as you know this expedition is about more than running 80K a day. There’s purpose and passion behind it, trying to make a difference in a world where every 15 seconds a child dies due to unclean water.

A few things to take note of:

* In the first 31 days of running together, Ray, Charlie and Kevin ran the equivalent of 50 marathons!

* There are updates from the expedition crew on the Running the Sahara website. 2 from day 13 and 25.

* Also on the website is info about the route, check it out, it’s interested to read about where they are right now!

Keep those emails of encouragement coming to Ray. They are a source of energy for him! Thank-you!

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