Friday, June 27, 2008

Hey Gang !
I hope this newsletter finds all of you well !

I hope all of you had the chance to check out www.canadaonexone.com during the expedition to see all of the incredible film footage of the run as it unfolded. Rogers provided us with the newest communications equipment so that we could blog, send photos and video live to our website so that everyone could follow the journey as it unfolded on the internet ! From 10 000 kids either running or participating in Saskatoon, to being joined on the runt by Assembly First Nations Chief Phil Fontaine to hundreds of other incredible stories...check out the website !

Our goal with this run is to raise awareness for Canadian born organization, ONExONE- and highlight the tireless work they are doing at home and abroad in helping to eradicate social issues that affect children. Check out www.onexone.org for more info. We also have the goal of inspiring young people into action- and we will visit many schools en route , get their opinions, speak with them- and blog their stories by video on www.canadaonexone.com

This goal to raise awareness and inspire people (especially youth) across Canada was achieved...and we in turn were inspired by this amazing generation of youth and from people across Canada who got on board with us !

Special thanks goes to our sponsor who made this expedition possible-without their ongoing efforts and belief in what we were trying to accomplish, we never could have made it ! Rogers Communications for their innovative technology which allowed us to broadcast this incredible and unique event to millions of Canadians and around the world via our live website, Air Canada for helping us to arrive each day in a new province or territory, Jeep Chrysler for lending us their latest cleaner diesel Cherokees for the runners to travel on the driving legs, Gatorade for making sure we could actually run 80 kms per day by keeping us hydrated !, First Air for getting us to Iqaluit and Yellowknife, and Crocs for keeping our toes comfy after 80 kms of running per day :0)

A super huge Thank You to Anton Stranc, Logistical Director for the CanadaONExONE and Impossible2Possible.
Thank Yous also go to the numerous volunteers across Canada who made this run actually happen. We are developing a section on the CanadaONExONE site which will have all of the names- but to just name a few from each province for now (in no order)- Stephanie Case- Vancouver (also ran 8 stages !), Dan Ouimette- Calgary, Shannon Loutitt- Saskatoon, Erin Carter- Winnipeg, Diana Smyth- Toronto, Claude Rossignol- Quebec, Armand Doucet- Moncton and PEI, Corey Robinson- Halifax, Ken Brophy- St. John’s, Meeka Kakudluk- Iqaluit, Linda Maljan- Yellowknife and The Mchales- Whitehorse. There are so-o-o many more I thank all of you- and we will post a big thank you very soon on www.canadaonexone.com

More news coming on www.impossible2possible.com , the 2008 and 2010 Polar Expeditions, and so much more !!!

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