Thursday, June 05, 2008

May Newsletter !

It's time !
The Canada ONExONE Run is about to begin !

So much has happened since the last newsletter that was sent out. Highlights have included speaking at the Climate Project in Montreal to a group of incredible individuals who are very passionate about the environment and how the shifting climate is affecting people worldwide. Among those in attendance were Dr. David Suzuki, Al Gore and a host of others ! It was truly inspirational as well to be invited among this amazing group of people to learn from Mr. Gore and Dr. Suzuki about climate change for this incredible weekend event.

I have been very fortunate as well to do a lot of speaking lately- both to corporate groups, and in schools- and get the opportunity to not only tell the story of Running The Sahara, but get the opportunity to relay the message of the need for clean drinking water in Africa- and worldwide ! Speaking of the schools- I cannot tell you how many AMAZING kids I have met recently. This is truly an outstanding generation ! These kids are tackling issues at an age that is so truly inspiring and hopeful. Heck, when I was their age I had no concept of social and environmental issues !

Starting this Sunday, May 11th, myself and a team of amazing runners (check the runner bio's on our website!) will attempt to run 80 kms per day in ALL 13 Provinces and Territories….whew, it makes me tired to even say it ! The goal will not only be to just run 80 kms each day- but visit schools, participate in community supported events and meet with kids, parents and just about everybody we can fit in ! This run has an objective well beyond the complicated logistics and extreme endurance. Our goal with this run is to raise awareness for Canadian born organization, ONExONE- and highlight the tireless work they are doing at home and abroad in helping to eradicate social issues that affect children. Check out www.onexonecampaign.com for more info. We also have the goal of inspiring young people into action- and we will visit many schools en route , get their opinions, speak with them- and blog their stories by video on www.canadaonexone.com

The fun doesn't stop there ! Rogers has provided us with some incredible equipment to track our journey live on the website, with text blogging, daily photo journals, and video stories from Canadians coast to coast to coast !

A multitude of activities have been planned in each Province and Territory- and we will be visiting with special guests too as we make our way across Canada ! Hayley Wickenheiser will join us at the start in Calgary, and we will also have the honor of visiting with Assembly First Nations Chief Phil Fontaine among others !

Incredible organizers and volunteers have worked tirelessly to make this expedition awesome- and I will make sure to thank them all both during (live ) on our website- and in future newsletters ! One incredible volunteer I will mention (again, all are AMAZING !), is Shannon Louttit of Saskatoon. What Shannon has accomplished in planning for Saskatoon is unbelievable. I don't want to ruin surprises- but suffice to say- she has created a series of events involving the WHOLE city ! Stay tuned to the website…..!

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