Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Kathy's view of Ray's training/race preperation!

Well, this is my one opportunity to give you a glimpse as to what goes on ‘behind the scenes" as Ray is prepping for his races!

Wow, I really wish I had a picture of our livingroom the week before the race…..there was food (i.e. bars/gels/dehydrated meals) and gear everywhere!! Ray checks to make sure he has all the items on the mandatory "gear list". Next he starts cutting excess packaging and removing tags….even from his clothing! Then out comes the scale and every item is weighed and logged on a spreadsheet. While this may seem a little fanatical, I’ve learned that every gram counts! And understandable so, as he does have to carry all this stuff on his back during the race!

Ray trains very consistently (6 days a week) year-round! In the last 2 years, I think I’ve only ever heard him say "I don’t feel like running today" once…..and then he laced up his running shoes and off he went! I have never met anyone so passionate about what they do - he never loses motivation. He works day and night training clients and giving motivational talks, and still fits in his training….which sometimes means running some 15K home from his client’s house at 8pm. His drive to excel amazes me each and every day!
I’m sure he’s bursting with excitement to fill you all in on the details of his race in Libya! He return on Sunday…..I can’t wait!


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