Thursday, June 01, 2006

Gobi March - Ray's Team Winning Every Stage!

Ray's team, Chunghwa Telecom/Mago, has won the first 4 Stages of Racing The Planet's Gobi March (China)!! Stage 4 was cut short by 20km (from 85km to 65km) due to a brutal sandstorm. The last competitor arrive at 10am this morning (June 1). The competitors will have a rest day today and set out for another 50km tomorrow followed by 11km on the last day (June 3).

The race website has some awesome photos and daily updates - check it out at: http://www.racingtheplanet.com/gobimarch/live/2006/index.asp

Ray, Charlie and Kevin have all won a Racing The Planet race (Ray: Sahara Race, Charlie: Gobi March, and Kevin: Atacama Crosssing) Be sure to stay tunned to see if they can take a "team" win at the Gobi March this year.....just 2 more Stages to go!!

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