Sunday, June 04, 2006

Ray's Team Wins Gobi March (a 250km Ultra Running Race) !!

The title tells it all - Ray's team, Chunghwa Telecom/Mago, won the Gobi March in China!! The Gobi March is a sister race of the Sahara Race, which Ray won in September 2005! The Gobi March and the Sahara Race are two of the 4 Deserts, (each 250 km), in the "Racing The Planet" ultrarunning series (check it out at www.racingtheplanet.com)

I know Ray, Kevin, and Charlie are extremely happy with their performance, wining every stage of the race! There are some awesome photos of the terrain and the team on the aforementioned website!

For anyone wishing to sponsor Ray for his next big ultra race in July (Atamcama Crossing, 250km footrace, Chile) there is a link on his website www.rayzahab.com
or email him directly at ecofit@yahoo.com Ray also offers fantastic motivational speaking to a variety of audiences as well as on-line coaching!

Ray returns late Monday night, I know he'll be anxious to update you all on the race details! Please stay tuned!!


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